Friday, July 29, 2011

Finished my Rug

Rug hooking is a lot of fun and very restful, well certainly at the level of designs I am working with and this will be something I can do in the truck when we are hauling the RV on one of our trips. I am a terrible passenger and can drive my DH nuts when we are, in my eyes, hurtling to an early death on the highway ( he just calls it driving). Anyway regardless of whose point of view is correct, if I am not looking out of the windows, it makes for a more peaceful trip for both of us. I am looking forward to starting another one.

Wednesday I was reading things on the Internet and came across this website I had a look at their class schedule and took a fancy to the bead embroidery class. I like crazy patch quilts so I could embellish those but I also like small hand stitched projects and beads could add some pizazz to those as well.

So I have signed up and ordered my supplies. Lesson one was on Thursday, I have read it through and it is very clear and easy to follow, just need to wait for the supplies to arrive before I am able to try out the techniques.

I am sitting here with so many projects I should be getting on with but with no time pressure it is difficult for me to pick one and get on with it. This is not helped by the fact I know I have plenty that have been UFO's for long enough and they should be my first port of call. I commented to this effect on and Bonnie very kindly sent me an email with some sage advice, which I will try and follow. I will let you know how it goes on

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July - Road Trip

I had a an unexpected break from work (next contract is delayed) and so we packed up the RV and headed off to Kennebunk Maine. the weather was perfect and Maine allows dogs on the beach up till 9am so we were up with the larks every morning and off to the beach. I made myself lots of little quilting packs to keep busy in my spare time and was able to get the Majestic Majesties quilt top from my Bonnie Hunter class finished.

I took a trip to Freeport and visited Cotton Weeds quilt shop, very nice shop well stocked, great range and friendly. I bought some hand stitching items and a pattern.

I found a rug hooking shop in Kennebunkport but did not buy anything as I need to know how to do it first ( although 3 days and 200miles later, I got an email from my local wool shop White Barn Farm offering a beginners class in hooking) ah well!

In Kennebunk there was a small quilt shop and so I bought a few fat qtrs just to show willing.

We also went to see a few of the lighthouses in the area and made sure we had our fair share of lobster rolls.

We were also lucky to see a Osprey nesting in the harbour at Portland - beautiful

After 5 days we headed up to Bar Harbor area (picture at the top of blog) plenty of hiking, more lobster and another quilting shop, Sewing by the Sea in Trenton.

another 7 days then off to Gorham New Hampshire, hiking in the White Mountains plus a drive up the auto route on Mount Washington.

We went out one evening and spent 2 hours looking for Moose on a stretch of road that we were assured was a guaranteed sighting. No luck but we were at least rewarded with a great sunset

On another scenic drive DH pulled in for diesel and low and behold there was a quilt shop across the road, I think it was called Pinestead and it was in Lancaster and they had 40% off sale, yippee !

We drove back home last Thursday and on Friday I finished off my autumn table topper, I am going to be teaching this at the local quilt shop (Quilters Attic in Pine Bush) in a few weeks time. It will teach piecing in the hoop, appliqué and quilt as you go.

Saturday I was off to the wool shop for my rug hooking lesson, great fun, we used yarn as it is an easier way to learn the basic techniques. The teacher was really good and allowed us to choose our own designs. I decided on a chicken and I am sure this is going to be a craft I will be doing more of.

Today I had fun playing with my photo's in Photoshop Elements and then printed out one on my lighthouse shots onto fabric and created this little coffee mug rug. I saw a posting on the small quilts yahoo group on a quick way to make pinwheels and I was really pleased with how these turned out

For those of you that are more interested in the travel part of the blog, there are a lot more details and pictures on the

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